12 Weeks Challenge

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

My name is Teja Gone. My decision to take 12 weeks program helped me to totally transform myself physically and mentally. As I was an Architect student, there was no proper time for eating and sleeping. Due to this messed-up schedule my weight was increasing and was bit worried about it. I was not able to focus on studies and and was facing few health issues.

By taking this transformation challenge firstly I was able to make a proper routine and I was supervised with follow-up calls by my coach. He motivated me through my journey, guided me about the diet and exercise routines. After some time I was able to see the difference in me. I was feeling energetic, stress free and also lighter than earlier. And a the end of the course I was completely different than the previous me. Really appreciated about 12 Weeks Challenge for HG7 Pro-fitness.

Fat Lost - 8 KG

Muscle Gained - 4.6 KG

Strength Gained - 50% +

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